FREERTOS stuck in a loop

nehadafedar wrote on Thursday, August 02, 2018:

I am using FREERTOS with cc3200 wifi module. I am facing an issue that wifi module is getting hanged , so when I debugged in Code composer studio I found that code was looping in xTaskTickIncrement() and also xtick count is not incrementing. Please can anyone out there tell me waht might be the issue. Is it related to Scheduler suspension or tasks priority ? When does that happen?

Thank you.

richarddamon wrote on Thursday, August 02, 2018:

WHERE in xTaskTickIncrement() was it looping? Was it on an assert (in which case the assert may help narrow what is wrong) or has some list gotten corrupted and loops on itself?

Likely not task priorities, as that shouldn’t be able to hand FreeRTOS, but is could be interrupt priorities (not familiar with that processor), but interupts with wrong priorities can lead to corruption in FreeRTOS, but generally there are asserts setup to catch this.