FreeRTOS NO Ping stm32h735

hi @aggarg @skptak ,

Hello FreeRTOS friends,

I’m back seeking guidance. I want to mention that I’ve configured this project without using the IDE, by manually setting up the necessary ETH pins for its operation.

I’ve followed the documentation on the page, but I’m unable to get the ping working.

-I’ve used a configuration for printing with the terminal.

My program is stuck in a loop in the FreeRTOS_IP.c file:


static void prvProcessIPEventsAndTimers( void )

  switch( xReceivedEvent.eEventType )
        case eNetworkDownEvent:
            /* Attempt to establish a connection. */
            prvProcessNetworkDownEvent( ( ( NetworkInterface_t * ) xReceivedEvent.pvData ) );

I have uploaded the repository to GitHub:

I’m a newbie in FreeRTOS, and I greatly appreciate any kind of assistance.