FreeRTOS NO Ping stm32h735

Hey @HispaEmo, sorry to hear that you’ve gotten stuck on this. I’ve got some basic questions to learn some more about your system:

  • You say your code gets stuck at ulTaskNotifyTake(), do you have multiple tasks running at this point where the other tasks keep going?
    • I find it can be helpful to leave a second task that does something like blink an LED just to ensure the system hasn’t completely halted
  • What Network Interface are you using? I’m assuming you’re using the STM32Hxx interface, but just want to make sure
  • Do you have a link to your project or anything that’d you be willing to share to help us further understand your issue?
  • When you say “When sending a PING, I receive a negative response” do you mean:
    • Sending a ping from the device out, the device then receives a negative response
    • Sending a ping to the device from your local development machine receives a negative response?
  • Have you maybe tried this project that @htibosch linked in an older FreeRTOS Forum Thread?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to narrow down what the exact issue is so we can help you figure it out!