FreeRTOS & LoRAwan

vjapu wrote on March 11, 2018:

Hi All

Quick question. Is FreeRTOS and even GreenGrass suitable for use when the network that the things are using is a LoRA based network?

I’m concerned that the TLS overhead could be too large for the data limitations of the network and I’m suspecting that FreeRTOS is more suited to devices connected via Wifi or LAN


Thanks in advance

SarenaAtAws wrote on March 14, 2018:


Generally speaking, the minimum TLS protocol record size, as well as the number of packets typically required to complete the negotiation, are too heavyweight for LoRA-based networks. I recommend that you review the current LoRA specification draft to determine if the proposed security meets your needs. Regarding LoRA with Amazon FreeRTOS, it’s not something that we currently support. However, we value your feedback for future planning and prioritization.