Freertos integration issue

Hi ,

I am using mpc5777c eval board. As i am newbie towards freertos i used some of the example code for freertos in s32 IDE.
I created some of the tasks and had hands of experience on task managements.
Later i have integrated freertos files to my project. There i am facing issue in exception showing as “NO SOURCE AVAILABLE FOR 0X800400”
IVOR8_VECTOR() at 0x810082.

No task has been performed from then.

Can anyone help me regarding this issue.

Thanks and regards,

Where did you get the FreeRTOS port from? I don’t think it is something we support officially.
Which compiler are you using?

i am using S32 IDE, From the example code i used the files and integrated to test in my project. every time it is causing exception.

Is there any reason behind the files . such as the files can cause any memory issues.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the S32 IDE (can you provide a link) and don’t know which files you are using.
s32 design studio for power architecture. MPC5777C CONTROLLER(e200z7 processor).

Thanks - and where did you get the MPC5xxx FreeRTOS port from? Is it something NXP provide?

yes, NXP provides example project in the Tool

That’s great. I will download the tool and look myself. For now though I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the environment so you will probably get better answers for your specific questions on the NXP forum.