FreeRTOS for STR73x processor

henrynguyen1973 wrote on Wednesday, February 27, 2019:


i am new to FreeRTOS and we have a board used STR73x device.
we plan to switch from in-house RTOS to FreeRTOS but i can not find the official support for STR73x, only seen STR75x and STR71x so far.
can you please let us know if FreeRTOS for STR75x can be used for STR73x?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Henry Nguyen

rtel wrote on Wednesday, February 27, 2019:

I think these are ARM7TDMI devices. Is that right? Most of the ST
demos now are for ARM Cortex-M. As I recall you should be able to use
the same port layer for the two devices but you need to take care of how
the tick interrupt is generated. Unlike on the Cortex-M ports, the ARM7
ports need to generate their tick from a peripheral timer. If the two
chips have the same peripheral timers then perhaps you won’t need to do
anything, otherwise you will need to set up a timer to generate the tick

  • and use the FreeRTOS tick interrupt handler as the handler for the
    tick (you can use the existing demo to see how that is done).