FreeRTOS 202011.00 released and new On Demand Video series

We’re excited to announce the 202011.00 FreeRTOS release is now available for immediate download. In this release, we graduated a number of our libraries into the official FreeRTOS distribution with new features and capabilities. To learn more, please read our blog.

Additionally, we’ve launched our new video series FreeRTOS On Demand Video, where we cover the top FreeRTOS related topics requested by members of the community. View the video and post blogs, videos, podcasts, and other media that you’d like to share in our new Community Media category in the FreeRTOS Community Forums.

Thank you @AndreiCherniaev, this has been fixed. Apologies to all for the incorrect link.

To view the first FreeRTOS On Demand Video, go to the thread