Floating point Division pic 32

lectrapb wrote on Thursday, April 18, 2013:

I have a problem with  floating point division to PIC 32, When I using the division into Tasks,  the  result is scrap for example.

float A = 5,5
float B= 2,5
float C = 0;

C= A/B;
C= 2,38

I see the problem only when I  use freeRtos because when I use C32 alone y I don’t have this problem

This a big problem and I don`t find  the answer to fix this issue, please help me,

The version to Free rtos is 7.2.0  and the Mplab Ide v8.86

rtel wrote on Thursday, April 18, 2013:

This would most likely be due to stack alignment issues and according to http://www.freertos.org/History.txt I thought this had been fixed since V7.0.1.

Place a break point at the start of a task function before the task stack frame has been created (so on entry to the function, before the space for the variables have been allocated).  Is the stack aligned to an 8 byte boundary?  If not, then try removing the following lines from the top of pxPortInitialiseStack() which is defined in Source/portable/MPLAB/PIC32MX/port.c - the lines were originally added to fix this problem but it is possible something has changed since then:

	/* Ensure byte alignment is maintained when leaving this function. */