Filename Case Issues - Ugh...

duaneellis wrote on Saturday, December 22, 2007:

I guess primary development for free-rtos is some what WinXX based.

There are a number of incorrect case filenames in source and makefiles.

For example: Demo/ARM7_AT91SAM7X256_Eclipse/RTOSDemo

main.c: #include "uip_task.h" vrs correct: #include "uIP_Task.h"
makefile: emac_isr.c vrs actual EMAC_ISR.c
emac_isr.c: #include "Semphr.h" vrs correct: #include "semphr.h"
emac_isr.c: #include "Task.h"  vrs correct: #include "task.h"

There are perhaps others… I found these in the first few minutes.

Does freertos presently have a policy about filename case issues?
Or perhaps a tool that fixes, scans, detects these problems?


rtel wrote on Saturday, December 22, 2007:

This is because I only test on Windoze machines.  It is a common cause of annoyance to other people, sorry and all.  If you point out here what you find, or alternatively in the change request tracker, then I can make the necessary changes in SVN to ensure they make it into the next official release.