Exception thrown in freertos code integrated with Esfree code

Intgrated FREE RTOS WIN32_MSVC code with Esfree code link is mentioned below (https://github.com/RobinK2/ESFree). But an exception is thrown when I run the integrated code please check the attached snapshot . please do provide me the solution to resolve this error. Please do the needful.

The code you shared is trying to read an illegal address 0x00000067. You need to determine why is it doing so? Put a breakpoint on the following line and examine which variable’s value is 0x00000067:

if (handle > RecorderDataPtr->ObjectPropertyTable.NumberOfObjectsPerClass[objectclass])

It seems that you are using Tracelyzer - Have you called vTraceEnable?


Sorry - removing my post as I was replying to a different thread! Posted in the wrong place.