Ethernet Connection Not Working on Newer Routers

This is a strange problem that I am trying to isolate. I would appreciate any ideas about the issue.

I am having issues with making a wired connection on newer routers. My device connects properly to my older router and also is able to connect if I create a bridge to the Ethernet port on my Mac-book.

The problem seems to arise on newer routers. I was first unable to connect to my ISP’s router, so I bought a newer router and have the same problem. Here’s some of the details.

First of all the lights on my Ethernet port do not even flicker with the newer routers. If I connect the Ethernet to the Ethernet port on my Mac-book, it instantly flickers and works.

vEtherISRCallback will not be called on these newer devices, but will immediately be triggered when plugged into the older routers.

My device sends out a DHCP discover, but I am thinking the problem is at the Ethernet level due to this interrupt not being triggered? Could there be a newer protocol on these newer devices that I am not aware of?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, even brainstorming.

Hi drowsell, it seems that the issue is not related to FreeRTOS. Could you please provide more information about the router model? Additionally, since the Ethernet port does not show any activity, it is possible that there might be a compatibility issue between your NIC and the router.

Thanks for the reply! The current router I am trying to interact with is an Eero 6+. I also tried my ISP’s “Telus Wifi Hub” router. Both have the same issue.

I am wondering what sort of compatibility issue you think I could be running into? I can explore that avenue.

I presume you are connecting using a device running FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS+TCP - is that correct?

Is the router rejecting the MAC address. Try setting the first octet to 00.
Is the router using IPv6?
If you sniff the network with Wireshark, do you see the DHCP request and response?
If the PHY autonegotiation failing to negotiate a speed/duplex with the new router?
Does the new router have some kind of firewall or other security on it?