Eclipse Settings Failed

kevinmohu wrote on Friday, March 15, 2019:

Hi everyone,
I’ve been setting up Eclipse IDE, but I didn’t get it works properly, I attach some images where I show modified properties specifically.
In case you have a good tutorial with the right procedures or another IDE to advise me, please, do it, I’ll be thankful guys.

rtel wrote on Friday, March 15, 2019:

Are these linker errors, or just Eclipse telling you it doesn’t know how to parse the code? Asking as the error message does not look like something GCC would generate.

If these are linker errors then it just appears as if you are not building the correct source files. For example, if vTaskDelay() is an unresolved symbol (a message more likely to be output by GCC) then it is most likely to be because you are not building FreeRTOS/source/task.c.

The following links may help you, but I"m afraid this forum is about using FreeRTOS, not about how to use Eclipse, so there will be better Eclipse specific resources for you on the web: (this one is a bit outdates as I believe there are easier ways now).