DSP&RTOS Interrupt Nesting

How to achieve Interrupt Nesting on DSP C2000 device with RTOS?

Which FreeRTOS port are you using?

C2000_C28x, DSP:F28P65device

I meant to ask which files from this folder are you using?

port.c portasm.asm portmacro.h


I believe Gaurav is trying to determine which specific FreeRTOS port you are using in your project. Based on the screenshots you have posted I suspect you may be using TI Code Composer Studio to generate your project.

Would you be able to confirm these port files found in this link match the ones used in your project?

If not, we would need to know which port files you are using in order to be able to assist you.


Yes, I used the content in the above link

Thank you for sharing this information. I am not familiar with this architecture but I found this article which may be useful to you - C28x Interrupt Nesting. Using this you should be able to write your ISRs such that those are nestable.

I’d also recommend to contact TI.