Debugging options and tools LPCxpresso

cmunikat wrote on Thursday, December 28, 2017:

Hello, I am using FreeRTOS with LPC1769 cortex M3, and would like to know which debug options are available, tools, probes, software, etc. I am currently using LPCxpresso IDE.
So far i have only used printf to the console and through UART.
I know this processor does not have the set of registers used to support instruction trace, what is dissapointing.

rtel wrote on Thursday, December 28, 2017:

Hi - this is not really a FreeRTOS question but a tools question. As
you are using LPCXpresso then your debug options are whatever LPCXpresso
supports, which I would guess will include CMSIS DAP and LPCLink - both
of which are free and normally just require a USB cable. No doubt it
will also support more professional options such as J-Link too. It also
depends on the connectors available on your hardware - you can only use
the options that both your hardware and LPCXpresso support.