Creating Own Applications with amazon freertos

Hello I have managed to compile the demo applications provided in Amazon freertos package successfully but I do not understand how can i create my own project with amazon freertos. In Getting started guide by aws it demonstrates how to consume freertos with own cmake project but that didnt worked for me.
I need to know what are ways I can create own applications since Aws lacks the documentation on how to do it.
Please Link me to useful resources or kindly give some directions on how to create own applications with amazon freertos.


Is it safe to assume that this is the same issue as this forum question?

If so, I can answer your questions in your other post that I linked. The getting started guide is the relevant documentation on how to create your own CMake project. If you are having issues with the documentation or have found an issue with it, I can help to resolve them.

Yes you can assume its linked to question i asked on creating CMake project.

My issue is that i followed this steps from getting started guidehere and I used the example CMakeLists.txt the document provides. but I am having errors with the example cmake list and I have already provided more detail on errors in other forum post.

Here I was Asking on if there are other resources are available to learn more on how to utilize the amazon freertos in user application. because there is very less information on how Freertos can be used in own cmake projects.

I see, thank you for the feedback about our documentation. Please feel free to share any specific feedback points or errors in the documentation that you find.

In the meantime I’ll assist you in the other post with getting the example project to work. As we get that example to work, I’ll keep track of any gaps in the example and see what can be updated.

I suspect there is an issue with example CMakeLists.txt in section Using FreeRTOS in your own CMake project for ESP32 here

I followed all steps provided in document and I expected it to work and Link freertos directory in project. kindly help me to understand issue on other post with errors i get so we can conclude whether its issue in document or I am missing something my end.

Amazon now owns FreeRTOS, in the sense that the company will provide all support going forward. But support for an open-source project is a tricky thing.

Indeed true. for support best we can do is go to github repository and raise an Issue and post question in forum. I have been stuck on this issue since Month and still no clue on How we can utilize the amazon freertos.