Clarify memory requirements

pabi wrote on March 11, 2019:

Can you clarify the target system memory requirements? In ‘Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Developer Guide’, it mentions 64KB of RAM but an additional 128KB of program memory per image (min 2 incl. OTA). What is meant by ‘program memory’ in this context? Persistent memory? Flash?

So then in a system with a processor running mainly from Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) and with only remote access to a Flash device (paged), would the total memory requirements then translate to 64KB, (64KB + 128KB) or (64KB + (2x128KB)) minimum TCM (presuming OTA requirement)?

gordon-AWS wrote on March 11, 2019:


By “program memory”, we mean flash.
Note that the 128KB is an approximate figure. In reality, it depends heavily on your target system. Some systems will require significantly more.

So, at a minimum, you will need
256 KB flash, assuming OTA is enabled