BUG in vTaskList

wowbagger wrote on Friday, April 04, 2008:

FreeRTOS 4.7.x  port dsPIC

The highwater mark field does not work for processors that have
portSTACK_GROWTH == 1.

There is no work around as the tasks stack length is not stored in the TCB structure.

I have modified my copy to do so and also added a function to return current stack hw mark

As a side note:
  Blowing the stack is a common problem during embedded development and is a common source of hard to find errors.
FreeRTOS would be a better product with better stack monitoring or checking facilites ( like RTEMS for example).


davedoors wrote on Friday, April 04, 2008:

From the WEB site-

"Note that these options are only available on architectures where the memory map is not segmented and the stack grows down from high memory. Also, some processors could generate a fault or exception in response to a stack corruption before the kernel overflow check can occur"