Attaching interrupt to pin - platform specific code?

Good Day.

First point: I am a FreeRTOS noob of 1 days experience, so my question may be trivial.

I have been perusing the FreeRTOS documentation re: interrupts, and I have found nothing in the FreeRTOS API per se which controls allocation of a physical pin on a device to an ISR.

Rather, for example, in the Arduino port, a bit of googling shows use of the Arduino-development specific attachInterrupt() routine for this purpose. So my question:

Am I right in assuming that there are no FreeRTOS wrapper routines which handle such device-specific hardware-to-ISR mappings, and consequently any such code will likely be non-portable from device to device?

Yes, FreeRTOS doesn’t try to wrap all the possible hardware configurations for things like I/O to make a portable application, just a mostly portable task structure.

This allows you to design your own wrapper layer to meet YOUR needs for I/O

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Thanks for the rapid and admirably succinct response.

Can I suggest that a comment to that effect be added to the documentation, in the interrupt handling chapter perhaps?