asynchrono mode operation

brenodee wrote on Wednesday, March 05, 2008:

Hi all!!!! I’m trying to use the Atmega128 - Timer0 on your Asynchronous Mode Operation. What exactly I wanna do is count pulses using the TOSC1 or TOSC2 pin because I’m thrive to avoid external interruptions. Then a pulses source is connected to TOSC1 and I start to read the TCNT0.
Unfortunately it’s not working as I expected regardless ASO bit is set. I know that the manufacture data sheet said that it’s not a good implementation but I would like to verify whether someone here has used it  likewise or not.
If someone did, could you describe the steps to configure this mode?

Thanks in advance!!!!

woops_ wrote on Thursday, March 06, 2008:

As this is an AVR question not a freertos question you would probably get a better answer from the avrfreaks forum.