About vTaskResume( )

in reference manual V10.0.0:
"Transition a task from the Suspended state to the Ready state. The task must have previously
been placed into the Suspended state using a call to vTaskSuspend() "
If task not be previously suspend,what will happend.
and if this be done already, Is there any fault behavior appeared when application code go on running.

any comment related welcome.

If the task is not currently suspended, vTaskResume() won’t do anything. No fault behavior either.

That is right, if the task is not suspended than trying to resume it has no effect at all.

Thanks, I got it.
well, IMHO,so this sentence much like a puzzle if nobody telling the truth.
I was thing of checking if the task is suspend when I use vTaskResume() to resume a task, every time
so ,this worry is not needed.