A problem with struct SD_HandleTypeDef 's member variable.

pennallee wrote on Friday, June 17, 2016:

I’m trying to add FreeRTOS+FAT base on STM32CubeMX generated project.

There is a struct ‘SD_HandleTypeDef’ in ‘stm32f4xx_hal_sd.h’ of STM32CubeMX generated project as below.
typedef struct
SD_TypeDef Instance; /!< SDIO register base address /
SD_InitTypeDef Init; /
!< SD required parameters /
HAL_LockTypeDef Lock; /
!< SD locking object /
uint32_t CardType; /
!< SD card type /
uint32_t RCA; /
!< SD relative card address /
uint32_t CSD[4]; /
!< SD card specific data table /
uint32_t CID[4]; /
!< SD card identification number table /
IO uint32_t SdTransferCplt; /
!< SD transfer complete flag in non blocking mode /
IO uint32_t SdTransferErr; /
!< SD transfer error flag in non blocking mode /
IO uint32_t DmaTransferCplt; /
!< SD DMA transfer complete flag /
IO uint32_t SdOperation; /
!< SD transfer operation (read/write) */
DMAHandleTypeDef hdmarx; /!< SD Rx DMA handle parameters /
DMAHandleTypeDef hdmatx; /!< SD Tx DMA handle parameters /

But there are two more member variables which are ‘SD_EventSetupFunctionTypeDef EventSetupFunction’, ‘SD_EventWaitFunctionTypeDef EventWaitFunction’ in ‘stm32f4xx_hal_sd.h’ of FreeRTOS+FAT as below.
typedef struct xSD_Handle

SD_EventSetupFunctionTypeDef EventSetupFunction;
SD_EventWaitFunctionTypeDef EventWaitFunction;

Could you please let me know how those two members will be generated automatically using STM32CubeMX?
Thanks In advance.

rtel wrote on Friday, June 17, 2016:

Sorry - I don’t know. Perhaps there is an option in the STM32CubeMX to
make the driver interrupt driven or event driven that will in turn
result in these members being included in the structure - but that is a