A few questions on using FatFs


I am using the FatFs from here and got a few questions. Anyone has the relevant experience?

  1. In what scenario can f_msfs be set 0? Is it needed for a EEPROM device?

  2. According to the description of the configuration of FF_VOLUMES and FF_STR_VOLUME_ID.

    I have only one memory EEPROM. So I set FF_VOLUMES 1. And as I want to use the format 1:/, I set FF_STR_VOLUME_ID 0.
    From the function f_mkfs(), the result is INVALID_DRIVE. Is it a valid combination?

  3. How to write the function disk_ioctl() to use the parameter cmd and buff.
    In f_mkfs(), it passes sz_vol to buff. I assume the value of sz_vol is assigned in disk_ioctl() when the cmd is GET_SECTOR_SIZE.


This FatFs is not developed by us. Please reach out to its maintainers.

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