Our Collective Goal

The goal of the FreeRTOS Community Forums is to provide an environment in which all community members can freely exchange dialogue, as it relates to FreeRTOS, to accelerate development of embedded solutions. We recognize its tremendous value as the central support vehicle for you, your peers, and our partners — the FreeRTOS community members — to exchange information and connect. To preserve this valuable resource, we’ve created these guidelines for all members to follow which are critical to the goal.

Help the Community Help You

To ensure the best quality for yourself and other members, all of us have to collectively take a moment to be as detailed as possible. That means every person that posts a question or an answer includes all of the pertinent pieces of information that’s required to ensure the fastest path to success.

When creating a new post, make sure to select the most appropriate category for your post. Taking the moment to correctly select this option gives you the best opportunity that the people who have the most expertise will be able to help you that much faster.

As you craft your post, make sure the subject is thoughtful, concise, and accurate to the topic. This will again allow members that are most knowledgeable about your specific question to respond, and show up with greater relevance in search results for others in the future.

The body of a post should continue to raise the bar with regards to the quality and tonality of the content. When asking a question, include details about your environment (e.g. MCU/sim, compiler, FreeRTOS version, etc.), logs, code, things you’ve tried, or additional details that will elicit a solution rather than more questions. When answering a question, it’s great to simply answer, but it’s even better to think ahead about other considerations the original poster should know or be aware of. Reference additional sources, threads, or files that do not just solve the immediate problem, but provide tools to go beyond.

Start and end with Respect

We all have disagreements and arguments—it’s part of a healthy debate on an important topic. However, disagreements of an idea does not warrant an expression that disrespects people. Use well-reasoned and respectful counter-arguments to improve your stance. Avoid personal attacks or belittling any other member of the community.

Ethnic slurs, personal insults, or obscenity will not be tolerated. Our response may include permanent banishment.

Choose to Make It Better

This is a community of many. Your participation is vital to the future of this community and the topics you choose to participate in and the ways you choose to participate in those topics is part of shaping that future.

Use the tools to identify the best and worst contributions (e.g. a post that is not related to FreeRTOS or embedded development) of your community. Features such as favorites, bookmarks, likes, flags, and replies are all there to improve your experience and thus everyone else’s too. You will get more from the community the more you put into it.

Avoid contributing to negative behavior. If you see someone who is engaging in negative behavior, don’t let it consume your time or energy by responding to it. Flag it instead. If a post accrues flags, our moderators will be notified and take the appropriate action necessary.

Showcase and Share

We encourage all of our community members to showcase their open source embedded projects to grow the community and gain support. The forums provide a great way to get feedback about an idea you have, or bring awareness of a library, framework, or an entire project that you’ve worked on. However, do not violate anyone else’s intellectual property by posting code, images, video, audio, or content that you do not have express permission to share, nor links to or methods on how to steal any intellectual property.

If you have a commercial product, get in touch with a member of AWS and we’ll figure out how we can best serve the community together. We want to foster innovation, without sacrificing quality of the content (e.g. spammy posts).

Be Safe and Responsible

To fully understand the legal responsibilities of your posts and actions, please review the Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice.